Write a news release

write a 250-word news release, in the correct format.  Remember your AP Style!

Some more information:

–It starts July 15, 2020.

–18 months long

–8-week cycles, so students take 1 or 2,  8-week online classes at a time.

–Quotes from Dr. Ezumah, the director of journalism and mass communication graduate studies:

This inaugural program will refresh seasoned public relations professionals and provide an edge for those you have just found themselves in a public relations or communication job, Dr. Bellarmine Ezumah, the director of the program, said. We are proud of the experience and scholarship our faculty will bring to the area in social media, analytics and communication strategy.

The accelerated public relations graduate program is designed to help area communication professionals invigorate their communication strategies, network with area professionals, earn a masters degree and gain a global perspective in public relations, Ezumah said.

–It is not necessary for a student to have an undergraduate degree in JMC in order to be enrolled, according to Ezumah.

–The first class will be an introduction to media history and culture that will help students, who have not studied public relations or media before, get caught up.

—Direct Quote from Dr. Allen White, Chair of the Journalism  and Mass Communications Department:

Once the schedule is in full operation, we would be offering five classes per term. A vendor will recruit for this online program. They predict they will recruit 100-120 active participants at any given time.  This would mean our class enrollments would average 20-24 students, big enough to be viable, but not so large as to be overwhelming. 

–Also write an original boilerplate for Murray State University for the news release. It can be counted in your 250 words.

–You may collect additional information as needed.

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