Whole Foods Strategy Challenge

Research the organization

For major companies, seek relevent articles in magazines and/or newspapers. If you choose to write about a small business, interview leaders of the firm.


Your papers will provide an overall strategic analysis of the chosen organization and should include (but are not limited to) the following:

Demonstrate knowledge of the organization by discussing items such as history, five factor relationships, SWOT, value chain analysis, resource analysis, or other organizational facets discerned from the teams research.

If possible, identify which of the five generic strategies fit the organization.

Financial analysis, include graphs if you like.

For small businesses, for which financials are not available, ask the leader to share his/her general opinion as to the firms financial performance.

Are you satisfied with the firms profits, sales growth, etc.

How do you think your firms financial performance compares to competitors?

Present strategic concerns

Provide recommendations for addressing those strategic concerns.

Heres some tips:

Make sure strengths and weakness are internaland stated to reflect internal. The same for opportunities and threatsexcept external.

Apply critical thinking to your discussion of the organization, strategic concerns, and recommendations. And you should connect those elements a bit build to your recommendations.

Critical thinking includes more than presenting the obvious, easy answer.

Think of multiple possible recommendation options.

Choose the best options.

Strategic concerns and recommendations should impress me with critical thinking applied more than the obvious

Provide reasoning for why your recommendations will help

Formatting Guidelines

12 pt. New Times Roman

Normal margins

Double space

Writing and grammar will affect grades.

1 – 2 references is sufficient

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