Week 12 Comprehension Quiz

This quiz will cover the materials and topics from Week 12. All answers should be correct, free from major spelling/grammar errors, and roughly 50+ words in length for full credit. there must be a reference under each question n APA 7th edition.
Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking Chapter 5: Audience Analysis
you may use outside sources.

Question 1
What are some of the problems a speaker faces when delivering an unacquainted-audience presentation? How can a speaker work around these problems? (50+ words)

Question 2
Which of the Five Categories of Audience Analysis is the most effective? Why do you think that? Justify your response (50+ words)

Question 3
What are the differences between beliefs, attitudes, and values? Give an example of each. How do these traits impact a public speaker? (50+ words)

Question 4
What challenges does a speaker face when delivering a speech to a multicultural audience? What specifics should a speaker be aware of? Be specific. How can a speaker work around these challenges? (50+ words)

Question 5
Why is it important to conduct an audience analysis prior to developing your speech? How can it help you as a speaker? Be specific and justify your response. (50+ words)

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