Volunteer Summary Notes

Completed 50 hours: Volunteer Summary Field Notes
You are required to have a minimum of 5  field note entries for credit. Each field note is required to be a minimum of 300 words, and demonstrate an in depth reflection of your progression into a human service professional. Some helpful questions to ask yourself include but are not limited to:

1. What have you learned this week about human service practice, interventions, service delivery or any other area of human services.

2. Describe any thoughts and feelings experienced while engaging in this week’s field experience

3. Any notable client experiences?

4. What impact does this week have on your perception of human services?

5. Discuss some areas of of human service practice or skills you need to continue to grow in

6. Discuss some knowledge, skills or other important things learned in your human service program that has been vital to your field experience

I need 5 separate journal entries, 330 per entry. I volunteered at a foodbank and then viturally online collecting donations for a food bank and campaigned for them. for the first two talk about what it is like to work at a food bank and the other 3 what it was like to fundraise. the first two should focus on food bank of southeastern virignia and then the final 3 on hand maidens ministries.

and example is attached below

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