The Theory of Racial Formation

In a formally written essay, include the following elements:

1) Describe the development of the theory (e.g. who created it, why was there a need for this particular theory, and what social phenomenon was it originally intended to address?) 2) identify and explain the theory’s major concepts and principles and, 3) discuss how this theory can be applied to understand an aspect of our social world today.  In addition to the text, a minimum of 3-4 additional academic sources must be used and listed in the references.


Part 1 Development of theory. In writing your paper, you will need to start by giving some background on the creator of the theory and what influenced the formation of the sociological theory, including the social environment of the time. Include the social question he/she was trying to address and other relevant factors leading to the development of the theory. If available, discuss how the theory was initially received and what impact (if any) it made in the scientific community.

Part 2 Identify and describe the concepts and principles of the theory. What are the major concepts, components, and principles of the theory? Be sure to list and describe each one in detail.

Part 3 Apply the theory to a current aspect of social life. Pick one current event that you have seen in the media and briefly describe it. How could this social theory be used to explain what is happening? What concepts/principles/ideas from this theorist can be applied to this real-world event?

The critical assignment essay should be the equivalent of 6-8 pages of text and in proper APA format. Please remember proper in-text citations. 

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