The Great Gatsby

Discuss what we can learn from the novel The Great Gatsby about choosing to have relationships that help us grow and achieve our life dreams. Consider the helpful and harmful relationships in the novel. What lessons can we learn from the relationships that the characters pursue? What lessons can we learn from what helps and harms the characters in their relationships?

Paper Requirements

Must be multiple paragraphs including introduction, body and conclusion
Must be typed, double spaced, one inch margins 2-3 pages, Times Roman 12 point font
Must be formatted in MLA style. Include a correctly formatted page header and page numbers
Must include a creative title that relates to the thesis claim
Must include a STRONG thesis claim.  Thesis statement must be highlighted
Must include at least two well integrated quotes from The Great Gatsby
Must include a Works Cited page and correct in-text citations
Must be written entirely in third person (no: you, I, we, us…etc.)

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