Systems and Professional Integrity

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1) Systems and Professional Integrity

One has to way which is more vital their obligation to the community or to their client. As a counselor one is not obligated to provide information to law enforcement unless it causes risk to the client or others. Conferring to the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (Links to an external site.)standard 4.05(b), Mental Health Professionals may reveal sensitive details as allowed by law or where authorized by law for a legitimate reason, such as supplying the requisite medical care, without the permission of the patient; Receive reasonable medical consultations; shield patients, physician or others of danger; otherwise receive reimbursement from the customer for care where transparency is restricted to the minimal required for the intent to be accomplished.

They should have professional honesty and grow it, and be dedicated to various establishments domestic, specialized, and society which determines a sense of ethics (Eskridge, et al. 2012). In any case, most services that are not mandated by statute or professional ethics to hold all details private do so, both out of regard for the law and to maintain confidence with participants. However, there are limited exceptions to absolute secrecy. If the system staff member is a designated child violence and neglect writer, whether the client presents a danger to himself or to anyone, or if the staff member is recalled in a court case; mutually the law and the ethical codes usually allow a person to put his or her duties above his or her secrecy obligation to the law or to the health of others. Privacy requirements will be made known to applicants at the outset of their participation in the project.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is the kind of standard one should abide by in the world of counseling. What occurs in counseling remains in counseling unless a person poses a threat to himself or others. Mental health professionals are held to extremely strict professional requirements by their state board of directors, and a breach of these rules may result in fines, lack of licensure, or even incarceration. Although each state has its own collection of rules and legislation for what is needed to disclose to its behavioral health practitioners, there are similar patterns that overlap nationally.

2) Once I used to work in a community violence program means that I am obligated to help and protect the kids that trust me from any danger. In this case, the kids completely trust me such that they offer information of their less-than-savory times. The police may seek the information I gather but I have to protect the kids. I have to protect the confidentially of these kids as they need the help to get help through the Program (Braye, and Preston-Shoot, 2016) When releasing any information, I have to be clear on why am releasing the specific info.

However, I must comply with the mandatory reporting laws. I cannot disclose information to anyone without a written consent of the individual unless he or she is a danger to herself or others, whereby am expected to inform the authority of such cases. These laws are generated to create an understanding of the obligation where I am expected to bring the facts to the attention of the authority that made the verdict (Juujärvi, Kallunki, and Luostari, 2020). Besides I also must ensure that I carefully generate a balance to the disclosure through the ethical obligation to ensure that the confidentiality of the participants is safeguarded.

Issues concerning the society, yet they are not directly involved with the areas am concerned with are not my concern. I could only raise the issue to the professions involved to make sure that they are informed concerning the information. However, I have to maintain professional boundaries to ensure that the program is a success. Each person in the field is assigned according to his or her area of competence and not engaging in other issues would ensure that it does not affect the professional responsibilities (Kaplan, Bryan, and Sanders, 2017). However, if it endangers my community intervention, I would collaborate with the other professionals to ensure there are no ethical conflicts. I would also be able to evade causing as much harm as good. I can only engage in an action that ultimately reduces the barriers and promoting the betterment of the society.


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