sociology of sports

Attend a formally organized, competitive, sporting event in person.
You may attend as a spectator, supporter, or as a competitor.
The event may be professional, interscholastic, youth, or recreational but it must be played according to a published, formally administered and reviewed set of play rules and code of behaviors.
Watch the event carefully through the lens of either Conflict Theory or Feminist Theory.
Define which of these sociological theories you used (cite your source, and include it in your Reference List).
Provide the full name, time, date, and details of the event, and your role at the event.
Explain why this event would be considered as a performance event or a participatory event.
Physical aspects: describe the place where the sporting event was held, admission costs, seating arrangements, time of day and play schedule for the event (e.g. is it organized in halves or quarters, is it a court or a field, is it indoors or outdoors, etc.).
Briefly describe the players, coaches, spectators, event workers (e.g. vendors): describe the sociological characteristics of the people performing each of these roles (e.g. gender, race, height, age, health dress, etc). What demographic patterns do you notice? Are the demographic patterns you noticed consistent with national or local patterns, if not, how do they differ? Are the characteristics of coaches for example, different to those of players, and if so, in what ways?
Describe the standard of “sportsmanship” you observed, and give examples.
Describe two phenomena your theoretical lens led you to notice that you might otherwise have overlooked.
Explain why you would, or would not, take an “outsider” to a similar event as a way to show them U.S. social values in action.

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