Self-Reflection Assignment

In a personal reflection, think about your behavior and role in important groups throughout your life, groups, such as your family, friends, social and workgroups. What roles have you played in these groups? Are there any patterns to the roles across the various types of groups.? Do you notice any changes in your roles over time or in different types of groups? 


        500-word maximum
        Describe the type of groups you are a member of and their purpose based on the course readings. Please see the attachment for chapters 11-13.
        Apply two group processes theories that can help you explain your experience in groups
        Describe the composition of the groups you identified How does the composition impact your role or behavior in the group?
        Describe the dimensions of the group structure.
        Support your arguments with course readings and research.
        Include a reference list

Guiding Questions:

        How are small groups and formal organizations defined in the literature?
        What are the dimensions of groups and how are they utilized in social work practice?
        What are the theoretical perspectives used to assess formal organizations?
        How do social workers approach working with communities?

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