Rogerian Position Essay

This is what I need to edit.

The partially edited paper is attached. Please work from this as I fixed some formatting issues.
The main thing that needs to be fixed at this point is focusing on which player you think is actually the better player. Im going to pretend that you said Ronaldo is the better player. If thats not the case, switch the names. Your essay should be something like this:
Introduction you already have nearly all of this. End with a thesis like Messi and Ronaldo have set standards of good performance in soccer, but Ronaldo is the superior player.
First body section why Ronaldo is a great player
Second body section-why Messi is a good player. Here you want to acknowledge that others believe Messi is the better of the two players, but dont make him look quite as good as Ronaldo.
Third body section This section is sort of a compromise or middle ground. Here, you can compare some information about the two players, describing or giving information you havent yet mentioned, making sure that Ronaldo is still the better of the two, but still emphasizing that Messi is very good.
Conclusion Why does this matter? Why should we care?

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