political economy comparative economy

Section 1:
Each answer should be a short paragraph, approximately 180 words long.  You may exceed the length, if necessary but please be as concise as possible. 
    Your answers should first accurately represent and summarize the authors ideas and arguments.  You may include your critical evaluations

1.    What do Fulcher mean when he argues that markets become abstract under capitalism?
2.    According to Fulcher, what features of feudal economic relations produced the possibilities for the emergence of capitalism?
3.    According to Fulcher, how did the political turmoil and competition among states in Europe facilitated the emergence of capitalism?
4.    What do Marx and Engels mean by all that solid melts into air?
5.    What do Marx and Engels mean when they argue that modern worker has become an appendage of the machine?

Section 2: 500 words

1.    Marx had developed a very complex and sophisticated theory of history based on the concepts of Historical Materialism, Changes in Modes of Production, Class Struggle, and Revolution.  Describe and critically evaluate Marxs theory of history.

Required Texts
    James Fulcher. Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction.  Chapters 1 and 2. 
    Selections from The Marx-Engels Reader

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