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For this assignment, you will build on the work you completed in the first assignment.  Conduct additional research on the issue in employment that you identified in that assignment with a particular focus on the legal aspects of the issue. Then, using your expanded annotated bibliography, write a literature review in the form of a policy proposal to senior management.
Include an introduction to the issue and a summary of the proposal to be outlined in the body of the paper. (You may use the introduction from your first assignment, making changes as appropriate to fully address the issue).
Assess the legal, ethical, and business aspects of the issue.
Synthesize key findings from your sources (literature review).
Analyze where the research you did provides agreement/support for your proposal and where sources identify weaknesses/potential challenges in your recommendation. Explain how you will address any challenges.
Explain how mindfulness, dialogue, and collaboration played a role in your recommendation.
Explain how you will overcome any challenges to make the proposed solution a success.
Include a conclusion, cover page, and reference page.
Though you would not typically include citations in a business proposal, for the purposes of this assignment, be sure to properly cite all references. Your paper should include at least 15 credible sources. A minimum of five resources must be newly researched for this assignment and not part of the assigned reading.


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