Personal Teaching Philosophy

Reflective practice is crucial in education and becomes the foundation for ongoing growth and development as a professional. By this phase in the student teaching experience, you have analyzed how your teaching performance and practice affect student learning. You now have the opportunity to reflect on how you plan to continue growing in your practice and how to utilize school/district, academic, and personal resources to help you continue to grow as a professional educator.

For this assignment, you will create a transcript for a 2-3 minute video I will produce, describing my role as a teacher candidate who embodies the College of Educations philosophy to learn, lead, and serve.
n the transcript, include the following:

The ways in which your teaching philosophy has developed and grown throughout student teaching, including examples. Especially consider how teaching has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A description of how technology can be used to create better learning opportunities for all students. Please consider the pandemic and how technology has assisted teachers and students at this time.

Strategies for implementing the Christian worldview values of compassion, promoting human flourishing, and behaving legally and ethically in your future classroom (feel free to add additional Christian worldview values you would like to integrate).

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