personal finance

Write a minimum of a 2 page double-spaced reflection paper that summarizes the items above. Paper must be well-written to receive full credit

–I already did the interview and I will put the Interview conversation content in the document. Please use that to writeThank you

The essey need include
Although the interview format for this assignment is flexible, you must cover the following topics:
    Overview of the Financial Professional (learn a little about the financial professional)
o    Who they are,  where they work, area of personal finance they are an expert in
o    Explain why you chose this individual and what you hope to learn?
    Advice from their perspective 
o    Biggest mistakes for college students/young adults
    Identify and describe the three biggest personal finance mistakes college students/new college graduates make (this should be your interpretation of what they shared some quotes are ok)
    Why do they feel these concepts are important?
    Share a story from the financial professional that illustrates the importance of at least one of the concepts.
o    Action Steps/Take-away messages
    Identify two action steps/take away messages for you to consider as you continue to learn the concepts of personal finance (within their profession)
    Why does the professional believe these important for you to consider?
o    Reflection of the experience
    Provide a short reflection on the experience. What did you learn? What do you hope to take from the interview?
    As a result of hearing this information, how do you hope to implement the action steps provided?

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