Nutritional Flier

You have just been named Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at a University. After a few weeks on the job you realize that your athlete’s caloric intake consists of an abundance of high fat foods.

Your athlete’s are sluggish when they train and they can’t stay focused in the classroom and it is all because their nutrition is poor!  To fix this, you decide to design a nutrition flyer that will serve as a blueprint for improved nutrition for fitness.  You flyer must meet the following requirement.

-2-page maximum (meaning make sure your focus is on quality information, not quantity)

-Must be catching to the eye (don’t just write words, make your words “pop” of the page and include graphics, use a program like Microsoft publisher)

-Must contain material for reputable sources (.gov,.edu,.org) (minimum of 2 sources that are cited in MLA format)

-Must address well-balanced nutrition for physically active people (all macro-nutrients must be addressed, do not leave out any out)

-Must include a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section that will dispel certain myths about nutrition for fitness (minimum of 3 FAQ’s)

-Must demonstrate your commitment to your athlete’s nutrition and overall well-being

Have fun with this and be creative!  The more attractive this document is the eye, the more motivated folks will be to adhere to it

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