Nisei Daughter Essay

Using examples from Nisei Daughter and at least two of the additional sources listed below, formulate an essay that explains what you see as the key factors in shaping Kazuko Itoi’s experience during the war. In particular, your essay should explain how the historical context influenced the decision to relocate Japanese Americans. You might focus on the racial context, wartime fears, or other factors that you see as significant. In addition, your essay should address Japanese American strategies for living within or resisting those restrictions on their freedom. Find and include evidence from the sources that you believe supports your thesis. Be sure to interpret the evidence so that it is clear to your reader how it supports your thesis.Additional Sources:
Executive Order 9066:

FDR, Executive Order No. 9066 (1942)

Munson Report on Japanese Americans, Nov. 1941
“Olson Wants Japs Removed” San Francisco News, 1942
“Their Best Way to Show Loyalty,” San Francisco News editorial, 1942
U.S. Office of War Information, “Japanese Relocation,” 1943
Shiho Imai, “Korematsu v. United States,” 1944
University of Washington Library, “Camp Harmony Exhibit”

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