National Security and Censorship

How do you reconcile a free internet  with national security concerns  and censorship and surveillance  by governments?.

What is the threat of increased government surveillance on grounds of national security to the privacy, freedom of expression, and liberty of its citizens? Is foreign surveillance of terrorists necessary to maintain national security? why or why not?

References can also be made to the Snowden and Wikileaks cases.You can google “Edward Snowden” and “Wikileaks” for more information

You can engage in a discussion of the Snowden case and national security. You can also engage in a discussion of the Wikileaks case and national security. Is it important for US intelligence agencies to engage  in national security surveillance in order to prevent a digital 9/11 which could take down the electrical grid or the banking system of the US? Note that Russia has already bored into the computer systems of the US infrastructure, such as natural gas pipelines. Note that the US has let Moscow know that it has penetrated the Russian electrical grid computer system among other parts of Russia’s infrastructure.

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