Most Interesting History Research Paper Topics

Each country and culture has its own history and legends. We have selected for you the most interesting topics, so you can choose your own.

American History Topics

  1. The French Alliance and the winning of America’s Independence.
  2. Why was the Civil Rights Movement in the US effective?
  3. Boston Massacre?
  4. Why was Martin Luther King killed?
  5. Why did American settlers use the Oregon Trail?
  6. What was the extensive role played by the African American in the revolution?
  7. Compare the institutes of Indentured Servitude and Chattel Slavery as they were enacted on American soil.
  8. Compare the Great Depression with the recent Great Recession caused by the subprime mortgage crisis.
  9. Was there revolutionary espionage?
  10. How did Martin Luther King influence America?

Ancient Roma History Research Paper Topics

  1. What role did women play during the year of the Roman Empire, and how were they treated?
  2. How did taxation work during the time of the Roman Empire?
  3. Comparison Between Roman And Roman Empire.
  4. Roman Empire History: The Battle of Teutoburg Forest.
  5. The justice system during the era of the Roman Empire
  6. What did the Romans eat?
  7. Roman Expansion And Development Of The Roman Empire.
  8. Roman Religion And The Roman Empire.
  9. Ancient Roman And Roman Traditions.
  10. A study of Roman emperors and how the Empire was governed

Greek History Research Topics

  1. Greek Vs. Greek Government
  2. History Of Abnormal Psychology: Ancient Greek Times
  3. Greek Architecture
  4. History Of Roman And Greek Architecture
  5. Ancient Greek And Greek Mythology
  6. The History of the Greeks: Hellenic and Hellenistic
  7. The Greeks, Non-Greeks And Expressions Of Humanism
  8. Greek Religion: Ancient Greeks
  9. Swim in History and in Greek Epic Poems
  10. The Greeks And The Romans

Jewish Life And History Research Paper Topics

  1. The Jewish Self Identity
  2. Jewish Marriage
  3. Jewish Ghettos
  4. The History and Hardships of the Jewish People
  5. American Jewish History
  6. The Evolution of Jewish Belief in the Afterlife
  7. Jewish Assimilation
  8. Dietary Laws of the Jewish Religion
  9. Jewish Population of Victorian England
  10. A Short History Of The Jewish People
  11. Jewish Resistance to the Holocaust
  12. The Jewish Partisans of The Holocaust
  13. The History of Jewish Persecution

Democracy History Research Paper Topics

  1. Direct Democracy Vs Representative Democracy
  2. Democracy in Latin America
  3. Liberal Democracy
  4. Plato: The Grandfather of Democracy
  5. Political Economy And Democracy
  6. Democracy in Iran and Turkey
  7. Achieving Democracy and Equality
  8. Jacksonian Democracy
  9. Islam and Democracy
  10. Development of Democracy in Athens
  11. Democracy According to Mailer

Ireland History Research Topics

  1. The Great Famine of Ireland
  2. The Troubles in Ireland
  3. The History of the IRA
  4. History of Special Needs Ireland
  5. The Shamrock and all It Symbolizes in Ireland
  6. The Bitter Conflict in Northern Ireland
  7. Ireland and Irishness
  8. History Of Ireland And Its Impact On The Country
  9. Easter Uprising in Ireland
  10. Ireland and Its Development
  11. History of the ECCE Sector in Ireland
  12. The Impact of Bloody Sunday on Northern Ireland
  13. From Ireland to America

Australian History Research Paper Topics

  1. A Different Perspective On Australian History Past And Present
  2. The Australian National Curriculum
  3. Issues of Memory and Community at the Heart of the Australian History Wars
  4. Australian Immigration
  5. Australian Literature (Stereotypes)
  6. Australian Multiculturalism and Immigration
  7. Australian And Native American History
  8. Australian Aborigines
  9. The Australian Commonwealth Parliament
  10. Australian Bankruptcy Law History

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