Minitab Assignment4

Report Issue

The activity includes three questions:
Question 1
Using the data in the textbook dataset, explore the relationship of the public safety expenditures to county median household income level.  Create a scatterplot and describe what you see.
Question 2
Create a new variable that categorizes median household income level into three groups – low, medium, high. Create at least one graphical display showing public safety expenditures by the three categories of median household income. Describe how public safety expenditure varies by the median household income categories.
Question 3
Test the hypothesis that the public safety expenditures vary by county median household income level.

State the research and null hypotheses.
To test the hypothesis, would you use a chi-square test or t-test? Justify your choice.
Perform the appropriate statistical procedure. Based on the analysis, would you reject your null hypothesis? What evidence did you use to make your decision?

Your report must include:

Details of the calculations for any variables that you needed to create. You must show the formula you used.
For Question 3, what is the p-value? Do you reject or fail to reject? Interpret the results in the context of the problem.
Detailed answers to all questions. Your report should include the Minitab output and interpretation of the graphical displays and the hypothesis testing results.
You must include at least two paragraphs for each question, in addition to Minitab output. Each paragraph must include at least four sentences.

Review the Chapter 13 minitab express handout and the Chapter 13 Minitab Express Video


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