: Mental Health in Youth

A: Mental Health in Youth


  • Create a 20 slide presentation that promotes mental health in youth.
    • you do not need to create the slide. you can enter the information into Microsoft word and label each section with “slide 1, slide 1 narration…
  • Be sure to integrate the core disciplines within public health.
    • Behavioral science/health education.
    • Biostatistics.
    • Environmental health.
    • Epidemiology.
    • Health services administration.
  • Create a narration script in the notes section (do not copy & paste the text from the slide)


  • NO PLAGIARISM – I will check
  • The presentation should be at least 20 slides in length.
  • APA format
  • U.S. based references within the last 5-7 years
  • Include a list of references in APA format


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