Managing time in college – critical situations

A student narrated-It was half a month before my final exams and I was bombarded with deadlines of assignments and term reports from every subject. It was then that things got really out of my control. I had to manage studies and complete term reports of 6 subjects, all of which were very difficult. Even if I decided to pull all-nighters, I wouldn’t be able to complete it and it would have affected my productivity at the time that I needed to be the most productive.

So, I talked to one of my seniors who recommended me to search for writing services which hire professional writers to make student assignments. Although I had known about it when I got into college, but I had never thought of trying out that option because I thought if I could manage it myself, why pay someone else to make my homework assignment for me? Another thing was that I had heard many students facing problems because the assignments for which they had paid someone else to write had plagiarism and grammatical issues.

But in a crisis situation like this, I had no other option. So, I contacted a company which seemed credible to me. Hoping that they proved to be better amongst the others, I handed them my assignments. I got my completed assignments within 5 days. I was so surprised. Even if I would have tried, I would have taken at least ten, leaving no time for my studies. I got to know the advantages of getting a legitimate company to write my assignment.

Firstly, professional writers take very less time to complete assignments. Secondly, the plagiarism level is very low, although they use many references which is enough to form a solid essay or assignment paper. Third, they leave you time to manage other things when you feel that you cannot do so.

But these advantages are only valid when the company you choose is legitimate and hires professional writers. There are many signals through which a company can seem legitimate. These are, first, they don’t charge too low, second, they submit all work before the deadline that you give them and third, they may give sample articles from previous assignments to you, so you know the writing style that their writers adopt.

Even though students get good grades in return, but they should make sure to do all their work on time and do all their assignments on their own.


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