Lessons from the Dying

Then you must write comments on one (1) of the videos provided (8-12 sentences) and reply at least two (2) peers posting in a meaningful manner 5-6 sentences and provide with a specific and concrete comments to receive full credit on the assignment.
Do not copy or paste information for your comments or feedbacks. If you do, you will receive a “0” score this assignment. No Exceptions and No make-up!
Please, follow these easy steps:
When responding to your peers, you must type the student’s name you are currently responding to and make reference to his/her comments about the topic in a very meaningful way.
By doing so, your assignment will be graded with the maximum score.
Do not forget to read the discussion board rubric to understand the grading criteria located on this page and on your content column which is located on your right side.
Attributes of an Exemplary Discussion Contribution or Response:
1- The discussion or response clearly addressed the content issue(s) presented in the video.
2- The discussion or response includes appropriate level(s) of critical thinking.
3- The discussion contribution or response is consice, clearly organized and well structured.
4- The discussion contribution or response uses grammar, spelling, and mechanics expected of a undergraduate level composition and expression.
5- The discussion contribution or response includes pertinent course and disciplinary concepts, theories or materials and applies them correctly.
6- The discussion contribution or response fosters collaboration with fellow learners and communicates in a manner that respects dignity and integrity of fellow learners and the professor.
7- The discussion contribution or response meaningfully supplements and extends consideration of the topic including one of the following topics: new information, questions, constructive or corrective feedback and/or alternative viewpoints.
video needed for the discussion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhgeZlaU7rY&t=213s
first peer paper, need discusion
Prepare for a good end of life
This is a hard topic for a lot of people but it is the reality of life. Everyone at some point will die and pass away. But have you really don’t everything that you wanted in your life are you happy with everything you have done. Did you leave everything ready for your love ones in case that time comes. everyone needs to make sure that you make a plan for when that time comes around. Medical insurance, contacts, last words, where you want to be placed in the time that you cant make your own decision. make sure that you have someone to be there and you aren’t alone. Its a rough process and its hard for you as a person who is emotionally and mentally going through it. but it is also hard for your love one.

second peer paper, need discussion
Laura Carstensen: Older people are happier
This video has helped me understand how as time passes we are happier. Laura Carstensen in her speech shows evidence of how as we age, we stop having so much stress, and we enjoy life more. When we realize that we do not have all the time in the world, we start thinking more about ourselves, and we can see our priorities and desires most clearly. Today’s people do not want to grow old, but it is a stage through which every human being must go naturally. It is not less true that old age brings some problems that many of us want to avoid, but it is better when we understand that we can also be happy and even much more than before. Old age is a difficult and long process, but is also a beautiful stage full of wisdom, knowledge and especially full of innumerable experiences that can serve as advice for others. You have never wondered why we are so happy when we talk to our grandparents; if there is something that I remember about my grandfather is that he was always smiling, and that I liked to listen to his stories and his advice. Besides that he was always able to get me a smile even if I had the worst day of my life. That is why we should learn from them, their talents and their experiences, but above all, we must learn to accept old age and be happy for the duration of that beautiful experince.


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