Juvenile Justice Policy

1.You are expected to be professional and creative.
2.Your policy brief should be approximately 2,000 words; this does not include references.
3.Your brief must draw from a minimum of five sources, which must be cited correctly in the text and be documented correctly in the reference section. Of the total works cited, at least three should be articles from academic journals. Do not include theses or dissertations as references. 
4.Works cited and the references must be in APA format.
The brief should include the following sections:

Consider the following structure:
I.  Introduction
a) Introduce the topic.
b) Supply background information on the topic.
c) Explain the findings and provide a thesis statement.

II.  History
a) Explain the need for the policy.
b) Express how the policy began; were prior attempts made? What is the current law and  how was it enacted.

III. Analysis
a) Is there evidence of its effectiveness or ineffectiveness?
b) Did the policy achieve its desired goal?
c) What is your personal view on how it could be changed to reach the desired result.

IV. Conclusion
Tell me your findings based on evidence and give your own conclusion for changes that need to be adopted.

v. Cites

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