One of the course objectives is to recognize the great jazz innovators and their contributions to jazz music.  Your end-of-term written assignment is to reflect upon what you have learned about jazzand about musicand to examine how that knowledge has helped you gain an appreciation for jazz music.

For this assignment, you can discuss either a jazz style or a particular performer that *we have studied in the class. To examine this style or performer, you are to select a jazz recording that has not been featured in the online lessons, unit listening lists, discussion boards, or supplementary recordings.

*Note:  You may also choose a performer or style that we have NOT studied in the class as long as your selected recording is also NOT from the class.

Pick a piece that you especially like, or that you find moving or memorable.  As a header for your paper, be sure to cite the recording details: the group (or solo performer), the title of the piece, the composer, all performers and instruments, and the record publisher.

Consider the piece in light of what you have learned in your studies.  Examine the work through careful, attentive listening, and analyze a portion of the piece to demonstrate aspects of the knowledge you have gained in your studies.

Has the knowledge you have gained enhanced your appreciation of jazz music?  Has it changed your view of jazz?  Do you hear music differently as a result?  Elaborate.

*You may check the material that I upload to make sure the performer or style you selected is not been studied yet. Basically, do not write any performer that is in jazz.pdf (The file I uploaded). You can always double-check with me

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