interview an employee regarding his/her performance management system and write a three-page double-spaced paper

Guidelines for the
Performance Management Project
The goal of this project is to give you exposure to a real performance management system in the UAE. This is an individual project. You are asked to interview an employee regarding his/her performance management system and write a three-page double-spaced paper (about 1,000 words). The paper should describe and critique the performance management system. Your paper should be based on the interview and the material covered in this course.
Selecting an Interviewee
You may select any employee who works for an organization that has a formal performance management process. However, you might find it easier if the employee works in Human Resources or is in a management position (i.e., has direct reports) since such employees may be more familiar with the performance management process. In all cases, the employee should have worked for the organization for at least one year.
Before conducting the interview, it is important that you are as familiar with the course material as possible so that you may engage in a meaningful conversation with the interviewee regarding the PM system of the organization. You should review all course material thoroughly as if you were studying for an exam.
After selecting a person to interview, schedule a date and time that fits with the interviewees’ schedule. You might send him/her a reminder one or two days before the interview. Also, ask the person before the interview if they have any documents that might help you better understand the system (e.g., a copy of the performance appraisal form, instructions, training materials, etc.). Be sure to include such materials (as attachments) in your final project submission.
At the interview, bring a prepared list of questions and plenty of blank paper to write notes on or your laptop. You might also ask if he/she will allow you to record the interview.
It is very important that you prepare your interview questions in advance. Be sure the questions are thorough, since this will be the main source of information to write your paper. Feel free to look online for sample questions. If you do not understand something during the interview or would like more information please do not be afraid to ask the person to provide additional details.
Here are a few ideas for interview questions:
–What is the overall PM process (major steps and timing)?
–How might broader organization or department goals relate to the PM system?
–Does the process vary by department or position?
–Please describe the planning or goal setting process.
–What processes occur during the review period (e.g., coaching)?
–Can you please describe the evaluation process.
–Does the organization use the “curve”? If so, how?
–Does the organization provide any support (e.g., training)? If so, what type?
–Do the evaluations relate to rewards? If so, what type and how?
As noted above, it is important to connect the data collected from the interview with the material from class. You cannot “blindly” accept what the interviewee says and simply insert it into your paper. Students will often take general comments from the interviewee and include them in the paper without giving them careful consideration. For example, an interviewee might say “The performance management system enables us to achieve outstanding results.” or “It is not fair that some employees are rated below standards.” What do you think of these statements? It is important that you ask for further explanation, including examples and evidence, as necessary. Then, you must use your own judgment, reflecting on what you have learned about best practices in the area of performance management, to evaluate the interviewee’s comments and determine if, and how, the comments should appear in your paper.
Writing the Paper
Before you begin writing your paper, it is a good idea to use rough outlines to organize your thoughts. The three-page paper should include the following six sections:
• Introduction (about half page)
o Describe the organization (i.e., location, size, main products or services)
o Identify the interviewee, including his/her name and title
o List at least three of his/her major job responsibilities
• Overall Process (about half page)
o What are the general steps of the process (e.g., goal setting, activities during the cycle, final evaluation, rewards, etc.)
o What is the timing?
o Is there anything major missing?
• Ratings (about half page)
o How are employees evaluated (e.g., type of dimensions, behaviors vs. results)? Does it vary by department, level or job? What rating scale is used? A copy of the rating form may be useful here.
o Who provides the ratings (e.g., self-ratings, supervisor, department heads, etc.) and how does this happen?
o Is anything done to improve rating quality? Is some form of the “curve” used? If so, how? Is any training provided?
o Is anything important missing?
• Outcomes (about half page)
o What are typical financial outcomes (e.g., salary increases, bonuses, etc.)?
o What about non-financial outcomes (e.g., awards, promotions, training, etc.)?
o Be as specific as possible in describing how the ratings usually lead to such outcomes. For example, approximately what percentage of employees might receive a given reward? In other words, do not just say “ratings are related to financial rewards.”
• Strengths (about half page)
o What appears to be particularly effective?
o Describe at least two major strengths
o Use the material from the course to draw your conclusions
• Weaknesses (about half page)
o What appears to be rather ineffective?
o Describe at least two major limitations or problems
o Again, use the material from the course to draw your conclusions
The post interview an employee regarding his/her performance management system and write a three-page double-spaced paper ACADEMIC ASSISTERS. ACADEMIC ASSISTERS.

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