How to Write an Research Paper Introduction

An introduction is not a literal beginning of the text. Like in every academic work, every paragraph of a research document plays its special role and achieves specific goals. A research paper introduction is not an exception. It must follow these requirements:

  • Explanation of the experiment’s problems and purposes
  • Connecting your study with already existing knowledge systems
  • Mentioning theoretical and other contributions which affected this writing
  • Presentation of thesis statement

Besides that, a good beginning raises interest in a paper and motivates readers to continue reading. It gives a practical roadmap to the following experiments and proves the whole work’s validity.

What Is an Introduction Paragraph for Research Text?

With so many purposes and goals to achieve, how to write an introduction to a research paper? Simply, it is one paragraph (or two) that answers questions that every reader asks: “What is it about?”, “Why do I have to read it?”, “What should be my reaction?”, and “Can I pay someone to write my research paper?”. A research paper intro can be divided into three imaginary phases: establishing study areas, identifying preferred niches and putting your topic into said niches.

Your study area can be established by making general statements about the subject, highlighting the importance of topic and making small overview of  informational sources.

For identifying a study niche, you must formulate research questions or problems. Do not be afraid to oppose already existing theories. Mention all key characteristics of the study; describe the most important results, state on the nature of the study and present brief structure of the research for placing the topic into its niche.

The second essential part of beginning is presenting limitations and other various aspects concerning the experiment. In a few sentences, try describing your methods, aims, and questions to answer in your paper.

Research Document Introduction Writing Tips

To learn how to write a research paper introduction perfectly, you must remember the IIS rule – informative, interesting, structure. Three simple words that hide much work inside. To make an essay informative, try following these tips from our research paper service:

  • Clearly identify your subject, topic, an area of interest. Use main keywords from your topic and expand them. Make brief, but exact explanations.
  • Give a short explanation about previously published documents that concern said subject. It is not an entire literature review, just an array of citations and key definitions aimed to explain main problems to be disclosed in the paper.
  • Present thesis statement clearly. This is what you will prove or disprove by the further study. You can use such phrases as: “This study’s purpose is…”, “The main subject of this investigation is…”, etc.
  • Explain why the particular way of an experiment was chosen. Tell how this method correlates with the subject and a thesis statement. Explain why it was an optimal choice.

No matter if you study in high school, university or college, you need to make your writing interesting for your potential audience. Do not think your audience is all who checks your work. There are several approaches that will help you raise interest in your work and keep it high enough until its end. It is important to use one or two engaging strategies among presented. Do not make your audience think your composition is flat.

  • Try connecting your subject with true stories. It is easy enough if you are writing social sciences text.
  • Should situation and subject allow, start your text with a quotation.
  • Make a little provocation – ask a thought-provoking question or provide readers with an unexpected, interesting fact concerning your subject.
  • Refer to already made researches or case studies. Take an example from there to indicate the following investigation’s importance.

Structure is important for every paper, no matter if it is an essay or dissertation. This refers to an introduction of your text as well. Here are some tips for improving structure:

  • It is not the first part to be written. As rule, auxiliary parts (intro, conclusion, etc.) are written after your main body. Seeing complete pictures of your paper allows staying brief and exact.
  • The most popular answer to a question ‘how to start a research paper intro?’ sounds like “ how to write an research paper outline”. Indeed, an outline, as a set of statements, forms a basis for your introduction. You’ll just have to string information upon these statements.
  • Right before writing, determine regulations of your chosen citing format. There you may find many tips concerning structure and appearance of this part.

Following these simple tips will make your introduction work for your audience and you. Treat them seriously, as you will not have a second chance to make your first impression.

Research Paper Introduction Example

Here you can see two examples of college paper introductions:

  • How has the music industry been affected by the internet and digital downloading?

research paper introduction

  • Beginning of an architecture paper.

how to write an introduction to a research paper


An introduction is an important part of any research academic work. It is aimed to achieve various goals within limited space of course papers. Engaging readers, clarity and structured narration are three aspects of every successful introduction. Our service can help you with buying a research paper.

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