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Please scroll and contribute at least 2 posts to this Discussion Board on at least 2 distinct questions threads. Each post will be given points for the following:

1) adequate length (approximately 200 words)

2) clarity and good writing

3) including a specific example

4) including an in-text citation (to either assigned or extra material must use a proper citation format) The citation should come from course readings, outside readings, or outside films (Prof Douglas’s lesson don’t count).

Example (author, page number)

5) including a question that you are left with.

To receive full credit, be sure to add something new to the thread and answer the question directly.

You can review a list of the questions posted below HERE.

1. Choose an empire from the 5th century BC. What were some of its characteristics and accomplishments? Why were they important? What kinds of political and religious systems existed in that empire (if mentioned)? Choose a major empire in the first century AD. What were the major characteristics of that empire? How does this information about early empires compare to your previous understanding of early empires (from other classes, books, or films)?

2. What were the characteristics of feudalism? What class contributed to production under feudalism? How does Blaut support his argument that Europe was not the only feudal society? How were feudal agricultural societies interconnected across the globe? Is there a film, book, or other media that you have encountered that references feudal systems (besides Monty Python)? How is feudalism portrayed and how does it relate to what you have learned about feudalism in this class?

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