History of Culinary Kitchen

Looking into the history of preservation gives incites as to how cuisines developed. Look to historical documents about a famous location and how they stored food. A kings court your choice, A farm in the Americas such as Mont Vernon, Monticello, or a prairie house in the 1800s ( little house on the prairie books has detailed information as to how they stored food.). food storage is the story of civilization. Without the ability to store food we could never move passed hunter gather. The Grade Manger can be is the guardian of these techniques.  Looking into the past may reveal lost method that could be used today.

I want you to pick on location and write a paper about: What foods did they store. How did they do it? What methods where used? How many people where involved in the process? Are those methods still in practice?


1500 word paper

Work Cited in MLA or APA with at least 2 different sources that are of academic standards. No Wikipedia. 

A photo or drawing of the kitchen or store house used in the location.

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