higher education issue/problem

Write a researched argument essay about a higher education issue/problem raised in or suggested by any of the readings you’ve done from the book for this unit or any of our class discussion regarding higher education topics. You are not required to focus your essay upon a TSIS essay’s thesis or main point. You can select any idea that appears in any of the essays, brief, single sentence statements, for instance, not entirely focused on the essay’s main goals, work well, too. In your essay be sure to identify key causes of the issue/problem and key effects of the issue/problem. Also, offer a “solution,” a strategy to pursue that might reduce the force of the causes in question and the effects. Finally, don’t forget to include a nay-sayer.
This paper is your own argument, but you should take into account what you’ve learned during this course: begin by showing the conversation your paper is responding to (“they say”), have a clear statement of your own argument (“I say”), include quotes and incorporate them smoothly, point out possible objections to your argument, use appropriate transitions, and explain why the issue matters. You should include metacommentary and find ways to include your own voice even though this is academic writing.
Your essay needs to include at least one quote/summary/paraphrase from at least one essay from TSIS essays within the “higher education” chapter of essays. You may find that your essay topic does not match perfectly with an essay from TSIS, and that’s fine, but you still need to find a way to include a quote/summary/paraphrase from one TSIS essay.
You must also include at least three additional research resource that you find and determine to be an effective, ethos building, high-quality sources. Ideally, you will want to use primarily sources with identified authors, human beings. Avoid anonymous website resources. Find the human who wrote the essay, determine the human’s qualifications that will in turn boost your ethos, your credibility with your readers.
You will need to cite your sources using correct MLA format, including providing a Works Cited page.
At least five entries on the Works Cited page.That’s a minimum.
End the essay with a concluding paragraph that gives the reader a sense of closure without repeating the thesis or merely summarizing the essay.
The post higher education issue/problem ACADEMIC ASSISTERS. ACADEMIC ASSISTERS.

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