Hamad Medical Cooperation

check the attachment for further instructions
the company selected: Hamad Medical Cooperation
the problem we want to discuss
the points that need to be addressed is the problems happening: I have mentioned view problems below which I think you should address if there is more would be good
emergency problems: all general doctors and with no one in specialized thing, there is a lot of waiting, and if there are more problems, then please address it
beds problems: there isn’t available beds at the hospital
Nurses and doctors problems:
QB4004. Group Presentation (30%)
You will assemble into working groups during the first tutorial with not more than 5 members in each group. You will assume the role of a group of change management consultants. Select a real world organisation where you see a need for change. This might even be an organisation where you had a personal experience which prompted you to see room for improvement to current processes. Please make sure that you select an organisation where information is readily available in the public domain.
As change management consultants, develop a presentation for senior management and relevant stakeholders demonstrating the thinking behind proposed change, who and what would be included in the change management programme, what internal/external resources would be required to implement proposed change successfully.
At the end of the presentation, the senior management team and other stakeholders present will ask you questions about what you have just presented. These questions may involve points where further clarification is required, or simply to discuss management concerns regarding the proposed change programme. Each team has a 30-minute slot within their tutorial class: 5 minutes set up time, 20 minutes to give their presentation and 5 minutes for questions and debate. PowerPoint slides should be used during the presentation.
Please upload a copy using the link provided on MyAberdeen by 1 Saturday, 02nd November by 11.59pm and copies of the same must be given to the tutorial team before you start.
A laptop and data projector will be provided for the presentation. All members of the team MUST have an on-feet speaking role in the presentation. See also Presentation resources on MyAberdeen for further guidance. This assessment not only provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject but also help you to achieve Graduate Attributes such as critical thinking, effective communication, personal development etc.
Individual Essay (20%)
Having worked with your group to develop the group presentation, you may have learnt new skills and understood the application of theory in practical scenarios. You may have even realised that there is room for personal development in terms of skills and knowledge required to be a successful change consultant.
In your individual essay, reflect on your current competencies. Identify gaps/room for improvement and how you would endeavour to address these in the long and the short term. Since this is a personal reflection, be as frank and open as possible about your strengths and weaknesses as an individual and a future change consultant. You are allowed to carry out independent research, research using contemporary literature including quality press, professional journals and academic texts to explore the implication of developing competencies as a change consultant.
The individual report should be submitted via MyAberdeen. Deadline for submissions is Saturday, 16st November by 11.59pm.
Please be mindful of referencing and documentation guidelines/policies of the University. Cases of plagiarism will be penalised. Refer to Section VIII- Common School Policies’ for further details. Assessment Criteria Details and explanations of the University of Aberdeen Common Grading Scale (CGS) can be found at: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/students/academic-life/CAS.php

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