Food History Essay

According to Bill Westerman, the history of the Philippines can be seen in the dessert halo halo. In this 5 page double-spaced essay, you will explain what history you see in a dish of your own choice.
Choose a food of cultural importance to you (or of interest to you), and choose one specific recipe as your primary recipe of study. Using online and library resources, research the history of the dish and the history of the ingredients in the dish. Learn all you can. You are required to turn in a short bibliography of all your sources, and to clearly use in-text citations.
In your essay, you should:
1) explain the dish and share your recipe;
2) explain to the best of your ability the history of the dish;
3) report out on the history of the ingredients in the recipe;
4) explain how history can be seen in the dish;
5) offer analytical conclusions from your findings (i.e., what does your research suggest? why does it matter? what can we learn from it?).
*For this assignment, you don’t need to limit yourself to scholarly sources. There are plenty of good online sources that will help. Remember to be clear about where you’re getting your information. Any copy-and-pasting from an online site without crediting it is plagiarism, and will cause you to fail the assignment (and possibly the course). So, when you’re looking at Wikipedia for information about peanuts, you need to clearly indicate where it’s from: “According to the Wikipedia page on peanuts, …” The first half of this assignment is essentially a “report,” so just be clear about where your information is from.
*use MLA or APA citations for this assignment, I expect a short bibliography of any sources you use for the assignment to be included at the end of your essay. There are brief online guides for MLA or APA. Ideally the bibliography will include Author, “Title,” Publication (or website), Date, and URL (for online sources).

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