film tech paper

In this assignment you will research one of the following topics and explain, in your own words, what it means, how this might affect a production, and why you would or would not choose this technology for a production.  This paper is meant to be a position paper, sort of like an expanded pro/con list, to help you or your boss/co-workers make up your mind about a technology for use in a production or to purchase.

Available Topics  (pick one)

-Why use external video recorders with video cameras  (Like the ATOMOS, BlackMagic, or Video Devices) instead of recording directly in the camera.  What are the advantages, disadvantages?
-Explain why shooting in LOG (S, V, C, etc…) is superior to other recording in a format like H.264 or AVCHD.  Pros/Cons of using each, how to monitor images on set, differences in data file sizes.
-Explain what HDR recording format is, and what video cameras currently utilize it.  Compare and contrast this method with the regular method of exposing/recording.
-Compare and contrast HMI lighting and LED lighting.  Pros and cons of each, in what situation does one excel and the other not so much,  and why?
-Explain how different camera sensor sizes change the focal length of a lens.  How can you figure out crop factor to match focal lengths of lenses using different cameras with different size sensors.
-For those really into VFX work, reallyExplain what a Vinten Vector 430i head is, how it is used, and how it might be used in advanced green screen work, VFX, and VR work.  (be sure to fully understand this question before selecting it)  -Explain how this would be helpful to the production and save VFX time.
-Explain the difference, pro’s / con’s of the new style of mirrorless DSLR versus regular DSLR as it pertains to video.  An example would be the new Canon EOS R camera versus the Canon EOS 5D camera.  Does not have to be about Canon’s, can be any brand.
-Explain HLG.  Hue Log Gamma.  Describe what it is, why is it beneficial, what current cameras/recorders uses this technology
-Explain what dual native ISO is.  What cameras currently support this and how it can help in various shooting situations.

Grades will be determined on the following criteria:
Did the paper do an adequate job in explaining the topic in a manner that was easy to read and understand?
Were the sources of the information listed?  A source list is not part of the page count.
College level writing is expected.
The paper should have a cover page with your name, title of paper etc and be a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 4 pages double spaced with standard margins.
If pictures are used to illustrate concepts, pictures DO NOT count in page count

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