FDR new deal

During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt radically changed the relation of the US government to the American people by promoting aid, relief, and government intervention in the economy. These changes had enormous benefits but also came at a huge cost. In a detailed essay, describe the actions of FDR during the New Deal and argue its successes and/or failures. In your own educated and well-explained opinion, did the New Deal either go too far in providing aid to Americans or not far enough (make sure to use the provided sources for specifics)?

You can say whether he went too far or not far enough, the direction doesn’t matter, just as long as there are supporting details from the sources provided below.


– 3 – 5 pages (it cannot go over). The minimum and maximum are firm rules.

– Double spaced, 11 or 12pt font, full citation of sources

-You may only use the two sources I provided and the textbook. You must use all three sources at least once in your essay. You must cite these sources in your paper. No other sources are acceptable!

– Fully answer the question and support your argument with fact.

-You must use both of the supplied sources somewhere in your essay. If your argument goes against what the evidence in the source, use it as a counterpoint that you can contradict.

Here are the sources:

1) The textbook, Give Me Liberty. Chapters 20 and 21 covers the Great Depression, FDR, and the New Deal. Still, you may use other sections from the textbook if they fit your essay.

2) This is an essay written by the historian Jim Powell for the Cato Institute. The Cato Institute is a largely libertarian think-tank that promotes limited government involvement. Keep that in mind while reading the article:

          https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/tough-questions-defenders-new-deal (Links to an external site.)

3) The “Every Man a King” and “Share our Wealth” speeches by Huey Long. At the time of these speeches, Long served as a Senator from Louisiana. He was often critical of FDR for not going far enough with the New Deal. As you will see after reading, Long’s plan for government aid was very radical.

https://www.americanyawp.com/reader/23-the-great-depression/huey-p-long-every-man-a-king-and-share-our-wealth-1934/ (Links to an external site.)

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