Ethics In Leadership Research Paper


Parameters of the paper-  The paper must be at least 4 pages. There are 3 areas for question and several sub-questions you need to address. Overall question to answer in the assignment – Looking at the actions of President Trump and the Trump Administration with respect to discourse, policies and actions:

Analyze the actions of President Trump and the administration by answering the following questions. You may use your topic (Transgender Ban) for examples.

1. Using Rawls (1989) notion the veil of ignorance, is there evidence that the Trump administration has acted in its own interests when they should have acted in the interest of Society?

2. Price suggests that “according to Rawls, everyone must have a similar and secure status when they meet to conduct societal affairs,” suggesting that one would trade away their status for other primary goods (those distributed according to Rawls). But Hill argues that we can allow ourselves to be treated in ways that threaten our self-respect, ostensibly when we are in a situation where we are not being treated fairly and have different objectives in the situation. He uses the example of the Self-Deprecating Slave and the Differential Wife. If, as Rawls suggests, we would not trade our self-respect for a primary good, why do we allow leaders, including our President, to distribute benefits and therefore act without regard to the veil or ignorance? Refer to Price, pages 130-134. Hint social contact theory.

3. In addition to ignoring the veil of ignorance, can you identify any conflicts of interest that might influence Trump’s decisions to look beyond the veil of ignorance?

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