Essay writing- making the difficult task easy

Essay writing can be very tough because a good essay requires a good amount of research for combining those points into the essay and making it look impressive and getting your point across to the reader. This essay writing task can be made a little light if things are organized from the beginning into steps. These steps will ensure that the essay does not miss out on anything important and the organized content of the essay makes it look professional and get you a higher grade than you could have gotten.

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Step 1: Pick a topic- Pick a topic that you know about. This is important because if you know nothing about the topic or if you believe the opposite of the stance you are taking to be true, chances are that you will mess up your essay and it will contain some contradicting points of those with someone without the knowledge is bound to write.

Step 2: Research and Analyze- When you have chosen your topic according to what suits you, do a research about the topic and analyze the research points. Even if you think you know enough about the topic to write an essay, a good essay requires references and convincing points. If your topic is general, narrow it down because the end of the discussion in your essay should not be a general statement.

Step 3: Brainstorming- Write all that you have researched and interpreted and all that you know about the topic in one place and try to fit in all the pieces together such that they form a structure that is interlinked and convincing for the readers. Tell your ideas to friends and peers and get their feedback on the structure that you are giving to your essay.

Step 4: Thesis- Thesis is the gist of your essay, it is the main point that you are trying to get across to your readers. A good essay has a narrowed down thesis and attracts the reader into reading the rest of the essay.

Step 5- Write your essay- Now that you know what to write, where to take your discussion, then start writing your essay, write drafts and revise them after every few days. Don’t forget to reference those points that you have researched and get feedback from others to make it convincing and impressive.

Even after breaking the process into steps, some students cannot write a convincing enough essay, so they buy  custom essay papers online which is also a good option.


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