Essay On Envy

Writing Assignment 2- Instruction Sheet
Vices are traits of character that make life go badly for people.
Instructions: The vices listed above are commonly referred to as “The Seven Deadly Sins”. Your job is to decide which ONE of the seven is the WORST vice to possess and make an argument that explains what makes it worse than the others on the list. Be careful not to make an argument that includes two or tries to address both sides. The purpose of this essay is to inform and persuade the reader that ONE of these sins supersedes all others. Use examples from Serial, the OJ series/case, Galileo articles, any of our serial killer notes, etc. One approach might be to choose which killer you think was the worst and focus on how the specific vice caused him to go down this path to destruction. Consider which sin has the most lasting effects or severe consequences and why.
Possible information to include in your essay:
o What is __________ (envy, greed, etc.)?
o Why is ___________ so bad? How is __________ a poison that hurts both others and oneself?
o What virtue is the opposite of ________? What are some ways to get rid of ________ from our lives?
· Use at least two CREDIBLE outside sources in addition to the podcast scripts (try to use at least 2 references to secondary sources in each body paragraph). Make sure that you cite your sources correctly. Use plenty of specific, concrete examples to support your argument. Write clearly and coherently. Focus on effectively using the rhetorical strategies we have discussed in class (see Rhetorical Devices sheet or the Thank You for Arguing pdf on D2L for more info on this if you need ideas on what this should look like in context). Also, there are numerous examples of essays on D2L for you to peruse.
· Be sure to format your essay according to MLA (12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, labeled correctly, title, etc.).

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