ENTD220 Week 3 Assignment

Assignment Instructions
# This is the flower box and it should at the beginning of each assignment

# You must add comments to your code
# Program name  : Wk3_firstname_lastname.py
# Student Name  : Chris Sinfuego
# Course              : ENTD220
# Instructor        : My Instructor
# Date                : Any Day
#  Description    : This code will ..   

# Copy Wrong      : This is my work

You are going to enhance the prior assignment by doing the following:-

1) Create a function for each math operation (add, div, mult, sub)
2) The application will run forever, you will ask the user to continue or not.
3) create a function IsinRange() to test a value  between two ranges like this;
    Here is the spec in pseudo code
      IsInRanhe(lr, hr, n)          lr=low range
                                                      hr=high range
      if n between ln and hn
        return true
        return false

Hints 1) For practice please see lab exercises in the lesson section
        2) See Sample output for messages

Sample output

Enter your Lower range  —> 10
Enter your Higher range  —> 20
Enter your First number  —> 15
Enter your Second number —> 17

The Result of 15.0+17.0=32.0
The Result of 15.0-17.0=-2.0
The Result of 15.0*17.0=255.0
The Result of 15.0/17.0=0.882352941176

Continue Looping Y/N Y

Enter your Lower range  —> 20
Enter your Higher range  —> 30
Enter your First number  —> 25
Enter your Second number —> 50

The input values are out side the input ranges
Please check the numbers and try again
Thanks for using our calculator

Submission Instructions:
Make sure that you save your code in a text file in this format;


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