Doing Business in Europe

Minimum 250 words for each question

1. Compare the European Union to the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and Highlight similarities and dierences

2. For a start-up company, it is critical that the leader or CEO is averse to risk. Do you agree? Argue briey

3. Suppose you work for a delivery company (the type of goods is irrelevant, you can choose which specically).
It is February 1st, 2020, and you are charged for building up a Business Contingency Plan for the company to cope with Covid-19.

Summarize the plan and all your key steps (note: given that it is Feb. 1st, you should imagine that you start from absolute normality and you have to think about all possible scenarios, from (softer) tracing/mitigation to (stricter) full connement) .

4. Compare gender discrimination in the Labour market in any two European countries (one in the EU, one outside the EU) .

5. Compare the welfare state (health care and unemployment benets) of any two European countries (one in the EU, one outside the EU)  .

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