Discussion Board: “Chasing Coral”

Discussion Board:  “Chasing Coral”
Chasing Coral is an excellent movie with phenomenal footage chronicling the real-time decline of coral reefs around the globe. Unfortunately, it is only available on Netflix (we cannot get an OSU version thus far, so it will only count for Extra Credit!), but you could watch it with a fellow student, friend, or family member with Netflix (which will help to spread the word!) or sign up on Netflix for a free 30 day trial.

20 points extra credit is available for this assignment.
It is very helpful to read the questions first and write down the times when these points are discussed in case you need to hear those parts again.

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Welcome to the Chasing Coral assignment!  Coral is one of the most interesting and complex animals on the planet. Coral reefs are colonies of coral polyps and are home to more than 25% of the ocean species.  They are considered the Rain-forests of the Sea and are central to the ecosystems of the oceans. It is possible that we will lose coral reefs due to warming oceans within our lifetime so it is important to learn as much as we can about them and perhaps we can find a way to save them.

Please do not attempt to answer the questions if you do not watch the movie.  Also, it is good to describe specific items from  the movie in your responses as this helps to show what you learned from watching the movie.

1.  INTRODUCTION  (2 pts)

How much do you know about coral before the movie?  Have you been able to see and experience coral in the ocean, if so describe your experiences!

2.  THE DYING CORAL  (2 pts)

Describe the stages of what happens to coral as the oceans warm. Try to put this into words like you are describing this to a friend.


Current studies show that greater than 99% of the coral is expected to be lost if we reach 2 degree C global temperature rise. (See IPCC reference below and note they use “very high confidence” for this statement.) 

Describe the different ways it would impact the world if we lost the coral.  (50-100 words minimum)


Discuss what you have learned about coral with a friend or family member who is not familiar with coral reefs.  This is such an important issue, it is good for everybody to be familiar with it.  How did the conversation go?!  (50-100 words minimum)

5.  THERE IS HOPE  (4 pts)

Describe some possible ways how we might help save coral reefs.  (50-100 words minimum)


Discussion of this topic is so important!  Provide substantive responses that add to the discussion of at least two other posts!

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