Deliverable 5 – Paid Traffic Campaigns

You are currently an assistant to the national director of online marketing in the marketing department at Digital Market Makers, a national marketing firm with local offices across the nation.

The national director, Rowan Jones, is looking make each assistant responsible for specific aspects of the digital marketing for the company. Each assistant has been informed that they need to demonstrate a deep understand of the consumers the company is trying to reach as well as the tools used to do it.
You know that paid traffic is where you want to be working. Prepare a memo to the national director, Rowan Jones, showing your understanding of current paid traffic campaigns.

Select a for-profit company that has a website and sells within multiple states. Ideally, select a company that is small-to-midsized. The company should have no more than 500 employees and the revenue (if known) should be less than $40 million.
Be sure your memo includes:
Details about the current online paid traffic marketing that you can see being used by the company.
Review the concepts of target market, personas and how paid traffic campaigns use this information.
Identify keywords that you feel would be essential to utilize.

Review different ads that are or have been utilized by the company online and provide recommendations for changing the copy.

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