Dead poets society

For this essay, you need to represent in chronological order, events or ideas from the film that
help to develop the theme of the topic. You are essentially writing a graphic version of a
chronological essay. You will still need to follow the PPE format (point, proof, explain).
1) Consider the topic and write a thesis statement to summarize your idea. Include it at
the top of the graphic essay as a title.
2) Choose five moments from the film that develop your idea. (Make sure to represent
the beginning of the film, the end of the film, and the elements that demonstrate the
development of whichever character you are discussing.) (POINT)
3) For each moment, choose a quote/paraphrase from the film. (PROOF)
4) Explain in 3 to 5 sentences how this moment develops your idea. (EXPLAIN)
5) Represent the moment with a graphic (drawing, picture from internet, photo,
magazine image, etc.) This can be a symbolic image that you create, or simply a
photo from the film.
*** You can choose to organize and create this essay in anyway you want. This is one way your
graphic essay could be made to look:

Topic: What does the film Dead Poets Society suggest to you about the influence that

relationships have upon shaping ones identity?
Remember to consider how ideas are developed in a film:
Through character actions
Through conflict
Through recurring images or ideas
Through dialogue

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