Cultural Media Studies

Learning to critique texts is fundamental to the learning objectives of EDL 204. For the first text analysis, you are going to conduct a media analysis using a popular film related to education (list provided) or musical album related to social issues (and more broadly education). The main goal of this assignment is to practice analyzing a text using basic terms introduced in class (i.e. ideology, hegemony, etc.). through a critical lens. For this assignment, you will provide a critical analysis of the cultural and ideological assumptions behind a “text.” Link to directions. (Links to an external site.) This will be a group assignment that you will need to complete with one other partner. You will need to submit your text selection per Canvas Assignment. Details: In Canvas, upload the complete the assignment. Assignment Length: 3-5 pages plus references (reference pages do not count toward or against the assignment length). An APA style reference page is mandatory for this assignment. Formatting: 12 pt, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, Double Spaced. Citations: APA formatting (refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab for guidance). Do NOT include a cover page, abstract, or running header. we choose the movie bad teacher to analysis.

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