Corporate governance and ethics

It is an assessment changed from a proctored mid-term test to a take-home assignment.

Please keep this assignment as simple and precise as possible.

Don’t be too complicated in the text.

For question (1), please quote examples from the case to examine the validity of the statement.

For question (2), it would be perfect if we can compare between the traditional chinese ethics and from different perspective. You may refer to the ppt for more idea on this question as well.

For question (2) & (3), you may refer to the powerpoint for more idea on these two questions as well.

For question (4), i have enclosed an additional reading material for self-regulation. You may refer to it for more ideas.

The length for each question should be around half page of the A4 size paper. If its out-numbered, it’s okay too!

Thank you so much for the help:) Really appreciate that!

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