Compare and contrast two poems.

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Compare and contrast two poems. The poems should have something significant in common, ideally the theme. Explain how each poem’s form enhances and/or complicates your understanding of each poem’s theme. Of course, you will also need to explain how the poems relate to each other. In other words, why did you decide to pair these poems? What qualities do they share that can lead to a unified discussion, rather than two separate discussions? In this case, I want you to use the poems “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins and “How to Read a Poem: Beginner’s Manual” by Pamelo Spiro Wagner. Billy Collins: Pamelo Spiro Wagner: It should be about four to five pages, double-spaced. There should also be at least two outside sources to prove your points. I will help you out by giving you this thesis: Although Collins and Wagner differ in their use of language and tone, they both encourage the audience to seek pleasure through discovering individual interpretations of poetry.


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