Best Ways to Structuring an Essay

Any essay is written with an objective to connect with the reader and make a statement. It is a linear progression where the ideas are introduced one after the other and they are focused towards end logic. It is important that these essays should make sense to the readers so that they reach the end and also stay focused. Talking about academic essays they are structured in the same manner as any other.

Best Ways to Structuring an Essay

Guidelines for structuring an essay

The essays structure will depend on the main claim which is being made. The readers will expect some information from what they are reading and thinking from their mind the structure should be followed. There are many guidelines when it comes to structuring line comparative analysis, persuasive, Narrative etc. but there is no strong rule. All the writer need to focus on is the way the information is being delivered.

Each essay will have an introduction and a conclusion without an exception, the rest of the body can be designed as per the requirements and preference of the writer. If there is any confusion then the best way is to start designing questions that you wish to answer and the kind of questions the readers would have in mind.

What is the essay trying to deal with?

This part will come early in writing and is generally followed by the introduction. Here the observations or the phenomenon which is being dealt with will be described. One must be careful about this part as it comes right from facts it should not take a lot of words. Make sure that it is just about one-third of the total essay.

How is the claim or discussion being made?

You have definitely made some claims or talked about some main issues in the beginning part that your essay deals with, this portion will allow you to make arguments in the favour of the same. You can cite sources here to support the statement that you are making. Make sure that you keep this portion valid and balanced as there can be many counterarguments that will rise. The writer should keep its focus on the points which are mentioned in the ‘what’ part.

Why is the discussion or topic relevant?

You have to make sure that you are talking about something which is crucial to the current time. This is the portion which will allow you to state why what you are talking about is important to anyone. This means what is the larger implication of the topic. This way the readers will be intrigued to share the content. Some writers raise the interest in the introduction part by mentioning probing questions and then cover them in detail in this part of writing.


If you stick to the format then the flow of thoughts will automatically follow. It is best advised that a draft is made first to see how things are flowing in place. Take breaks while writing so that you know that you are not caught in any pattern. Always trust your knowledge and research well before writing and you will get a fine piece.

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