Assignment: Communication

Assignment: Communication

Assignment: Communication

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Question 1

  1. Communication  is a key factor to successfully completing a task, especially if others  are involved in the task completion. In an essay, discuss the items  that can go wrong with a communication system. Discuss the elements of a  communication system and what the ultimate impact might be due to some  sort of failure.Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

            Question 2

  1. The  amount of information can sometimes hamper the outcome expected by the  end user. In other words, clutter can hinder the intended message. One  example of clutter (or too much information) is prescription-drug  packaging. Explain why it is important for ergonomics professionals to  understand the concept of clutter or “too much information”.Your response should be at least a 200-word essay.

            Question 3

  1. The  communication of the message from the man to the machine is one factor  to be considered. The other factor is the communication of the  responding message from the machine to the man. Consider the word  processor (i.e., Microsoft Word) you are currently using. In an essay,  discuss how you are commanding the machine to do certain things and how  the machine is responding to the commands. Discuss how this could go  wrong and what could be done to prevent a failure from occurring. If the  machine fails, how do you ensure that the work is completed?Your response should be at least 200 words.

            Question 4

  1. Continuing  to draw upon our examples highlighted in Unit I, Beth continues to  develop headaches while at work. Remember, she is an administrative  assistant and works in a new office building, which has produced  significant odors relating to the combination of construction materials.  And this is the presumed source of the headaches. Because this has  become a workers compensation issue, you are asked to look into  the employee’s setup for her work station. Discuss this situation using  both the feedback mechanisms and also the controlling mechanisms as  they pertain to Beth’s individual circumstance.Your response should be at least 200 words
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