Accounting Issues Analysis

Please answer all the questions listed below

Question 1
Explain the practical steps that organizations can take towards creating an ethical framework.

Question 2
Explain the agency theory stance on the separation of ownership and control, its limitation(s) and the development of corporate governance practices resulting from it.

Question 3
Define two main types of risks that a company faces and explain two ways in which the code of corporate governance can assist in managing these on a day-to-day basis.

Question 4
Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative accounting research methods.

Question 5
Why cryptocurrencies do not meet the requirements to be classified as cash or cash equivalents.

Question 6
Explain one plausible treatment of cryptocurrencies under IFRS.

Question 7
Marcia would like to determine the knowledge, attitude and perceptions of BSc. Accounting Students towards CPA Canada.

Question 8
What would be the most suitable research design to carry out her study? 

Question 9
Suggest and justify what data collection instrument Marcia should use to collect data for her research.

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