A Dangerous Method

“A Dangerous Method” (movie)

There is a fairly recent movie, released in 2011, about the relationship between Freud and Jung, and how that influenced the development of psychoanalysis. The focus is on the treatment of a young woman with “hysteria” first by Jung and then by Freud. While the movie is a historical drama rather than a formal documentary, and every detail may not be accurate, the overall content is fairly close to current scholarly views of the events depicted.

The movie can be streamed from our CC course page (from the “Films” link at the top of the page). Or, you can watch it streamed from Netflix or Amazon, if you have those services. Or you can buy or borrow the DVD.

Watch the film, and submit a description of some aspect of the movie in relation to the theories/approaches of Jung and Freud, or some aspect of the movie in relation to how the same issues were addressed in the textbook or our class lectures. Several substantial paragraphs are required. Please don’t play the role of a movie critic, and tell me about the acting, the costumes, music, etc., or why you find Viggo Mortensen more attractive than the real Sigmund Freud, but rather discuss how the depictions of the approaches of Jung and Freud in the movie are similar and/or different from the information in our course.

The movie is rated R. (This should not surprise you!) Some information about the film is available at http://www.sonyclassics.com/adangerousmethod/index.php or at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1571222/


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