a 28th amendment to the constitution about towns having a noise ordinance

The 28th Amendment

We all know the process to becoming a ratified amendment. You need 2/3 of the senate and house to vote yes, then you need 3/4 of the state governments to vote yes. Do you think you could do it? Could you create a new law that 3/4 of Americans agree with?

If you were to create a 28th amendment what would it be? (Final product 5 part essay)

First Part (Introduction / state your claim)
Give some background on the problem and explain your amendment

Second Part (Arguments for you Amendment)
This is the part where you explain all the reasons you have that backup your claim of why your 28th amendment would make the United States a better place.

Third Part (Arguments Against)
This is the part where you need to explain reasons why some people may disagree with your amendment. Remember there is nothing that all people agree on, you must think critically here.
Fourth Part (Rebuke the Critics)
Respond to the critics and come up with a counterpoint for each of the reasons in part three that someone may disagree with your amendment.

Fifth Part (Conclusion)
Wrap up your essay by referring back to your introductions. You should also close with a final reason why your amendment will make the United States a better place.

Some basic requirements or guidelines:

– Each section should have at the very least a minimum of one paragraph (5-7 sentences each).

– Use 12 point font and skip lines.

– Use at least 3 sources that will support your claims with evidence.

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