5 Things to Check before Handing Over a College Assignment or Essay

As a student, submitting an assignment on time creates a lot of pressure from the time the due dates are declared. The planning, organising content and preparing the structure of the assignment starts right away.

When you step out in the professional world, meeting the deadlines qualifies as an important skill and credits your professionalism. Similarly, as a student, meeting the deadline ensures that no penalties are imposed.

With each passing day, it becomes more important to complete the assignment on time. Submitting the assignments on time ascertains that you get the grades you deserve. Failing to submit the assignments on time can even cause you to fail the subject – you definitely do not want that!

Now, once you’re done with the research, you immediately start writing the research. Accumulate the information and answer the question of the coursework or support your argument – once that’s done – it is time to submit the assignment.

Wait a minute! 

Did you check your assignment before handing it over?

Checklist before Handing Over a College Assignment

You always must. As per our Quality Assignment Help Experts here are few indices which you should NEVER skip:


Are the assignments precise and conclusive?

While it is suggested to break the assignments in parts and finish each part individually and fit the pieces together later, it is also mandatory to not leave it like that. Read the assignment all at one go.

What are you looking for? You are looking for the assignment to be in a way where it is conclusive and you have been able to answer the questions and backed your arguments successfully with precision.

Make sure you are reading not as an author but as a reader – that will give you an insight as to how your professor would be reading and understanding it. Make your points clear and confusion-free.


Have you described one thing more than once in your paper?

When you write an assignment or coursework, you are either writing an essay, answering questions or backing an argument. When you do so, you must keep in mind that repeating what you’ve already said decreases the value of the paper.

Having said that, using the same reasons to defend all the arguments is also not advisable.

The best way to check this is by reading the paper to your friend or asking a family member to read it. They might ask you questions and notice that you have talked about the same thing at two (or more) different places. Correct it right away!


Is your assignment’s format and referencing according to the guidelines? 

Every assignment comes with a structure to follow and the university (or your professor) provides the correct way to reference your work as well.

While writing the paper keep these in mind:

  • Follow the structure – be it an essay or assignment with a question or an argument.
  • Reference your work well – use all the details of the sources you have used in your paper.
  • Referencing follows a format too – make sure you have used complete information like date, publisher, etc. for the references.
  • If the ideas from other sources are discussed, make sure you interpret them clearly and mention the source.


Have you checked the facts and figures which you used in your paper?

There are many instances where you might use facts and figures to support you argument or even to answer one of your questions in the assignment. While doing so, make sure the statistics used are valid and authentic.

For example, if any information involves currency – check whether you have used the right symbol for the country specified. Specially in the case of finance assignment writing.

Wrong or unclear facts or figures may harm your paper more than anything.


Have you proofread your assignment?

You are the best person to know where you go wrong. You can easily catch your mistakes if properly checked.

Sometimes we all make silly mistakes which we fail to notice even if that is right under our noses. Having said that, the best way to notice whether the sentences are correctly formed or if there are grammatical errors, is by reading them aloud. Other than that, you can easily ask a friend to help you with proofreading.

However, he best way is to get professional proofreaders or online assignment helpers check your work.

That way you can rest assured that there is no loose ends!


Recently submitted an assignment? Share your experience of last minute checks. 

What are the key points that you missed and that your professor helped you with.


If anytime stuck in assignments, contact our Quality Assignment team and we will make sure you pass it with best grades!

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